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Here are 15 blog post areas that need styling and 30 great examples for you to draw inspiration from. Headlines. The headline should be the first thing they'll see. The headline and post image needs to work together with the goal of enticing the visitor to read the first line of the post. WebDesignerWall.com. FreelanceSwitch.com. Post Images. If not the headline, the post image is the first part of the post that people see. It needs to attract their attention first, curiosity second Rather than sharing tips or methods for doing something, this type of blog post shares a list of real examples that all have something in common in order to prove a larger point. In the example post above, Listverse shares eight real examples of evolution in action among eight different animals — starting with the peppered moth Traveling Mitch is a travel blog created by Christopher Mitchell. You can find posts featuring tips, stories and beautiful photography of the places he visits which include many locations in Canada. 6. The Good Trade Made With: Squarespace →. The Good Trade is a lifestyle brand born in Los Angeles in 2014 Wie alle anderen Texte auf Englisch besteht ein Blogeintrag hauptsächlich aus: Einleitung. Hauptteil. Schlussteil. Dazu solltest du am Anfang folgende Angaben machen: Titel. Dein Name. Datum und Uhrzeit. z. B. YOUTUBE TEACHES BETTER THAN SCHOOL by Philipp, 5 th October A 5th grade classroom blog headed by Mrs. Moore explores students' interactions with the world through their own thoughts. While Mrs. Moore provides posts on trips like visiting Denali National Park and the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum, she allows her students to share their thoughts and projects with other students on her classroom blog

In this post, we'll cover four blog post templates to help you write great content faster, and when to use them. 1. The List Post. List posts, also known as listicles, are lists of tips, tools, techniques, myths, mistakes—anything that makes sense as a list Here's an example of a blogger that's chosen a very clear niche for her content. Strength and Sunshine is a blog that shares recipes and information about vegan, gluten and allergy-free foods (her description sits right in underneath the logo) Since the article structure varies for different types of blog posts, I'll cover the most basic post structure and then give specific examples of article structures for list posts, roundup posts, review posts, and how-to posts. The Most Basic Blog Post Structure. Every blog post has four key elements: The title: grabs attention and makes a promise (which needs to be fulfilled by the end of your post) Blog Post Examples . Congrats on getting your first blog post published! Would it be helpful to see a few examples? Let's take a look at a few first blog post examples. Example #1: CPA Career Coach. My first blog was launched in 2009 and it was designed to help accounting and finance professionals find meaning in their work. My first post had three parts

Blog Post Examples. Below are some examples of the blog writing services we've provided for our clients. Feel free to get in touch for more information. Content Customs Sample Blog Posts. Let Us Provide You With Your Unique Blog Posts Today! Contact us today to get your sample blog post. Submit a quote using the button below or call us at 1-888-475-2215 to get the high-quality content you need. Bella & Bloom makes for a great blog example because of the way its design mirrors the content. Most of this blog's posts are centered around increasing website traffic throu g h website design and other small business tips. From the written content within, it's clear that this design-related blog is in-the-know about their craft Idea: Blog Post Titles. Good Title: Simple Blog Post Titles. Great Title: Writing Blog Post Titles Made Simple. Perfect Title: Writing Catchy Blog Post Titles Made Simple: 12 Steps. Final Thoughts. As you can see, writing creative, eye-catching titles doesn't have to be complicated. Remember, when creating your own unique title, combine ideas. Subscribers commit to your blog because they want more of what they read. Encourage your audience to subscribe with a small taste of something more—shift their focus to the future and they'll be glad to opt-in for an email to notify them when it gets here. See it in action: 5 Ways to Start a Blog Post (the prequel to this post!

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More Blog Introduction Examples to Inspire You. A great blog introduction starts with a great first sentence. Let these compelling first sentences inspire your next post: When the waiter at Le Petit Cochon placed a disappointingly tiny plate of bacon-stuffed olives in front of me, I have to admit, I was as perturbed as you would be Step 1: Plan your blog post by choosing a topic, creating an outline, conducting research, and checking facts. Step 2: Craft a headline that is both informative and will capture readers' attentions. Step 3: Write your post, either writing a draft in a single session or gradually word on parts of it

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Examples of good blog posts. The title of your blog post should capture readers and show them a value proposition. It should include your main keywords and the benefit your readers will get from the blog post. Few blog posts ideas: How to: How to Immediately Become a More Productive Writer; Question: What I Learned From 100 Days Of Rejection; Numbers: 73 Top Blogging Tips For Beginners (2021. The more your headline gives voice to their exact experience, the more they'll feel like your post was written for them. Example: Let's say you blog about health and wellness and you wrote a headline called: 5 Steps to Take When a Migraine Hit Below is a list of examples of successful blogs. And I don't mean successful as in they have a niche lifestyle business. Each blog listed in this article is earning 6 to 7 figures in yearly revenue. Some just make the cut. Some are way past it in the 8 to 9 figure range. There are a few reasons why I decided to make this Note: For my first blog post, I used three types of content upgrades. #1 PDF version of the post (it's more than 8,000 words long), #2 Spreadsheet with the results of a full analysis, #3 Exit Intent popup с eBook 101 SEO Tips

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Examples. The Story Behind The New Jailhouse Burger (You Won't Believe It) A Happy Accident Is The Inspiration For The New Max's Mac 'N Cheese; The Patriot Drink Is Inspired By A Very Special Local Resident; 2. Featured Menu Item Stories. Don't hold the blog post for only the new items on the menu. There are plenty of things you can talk about that already exist on the menu. Again. A blog post doesn't take as long to prepare as a video or conference talk, but is easy to consume and can reach a ton of people. I've also personally gotten a ton of benefit out of writing: it has helped me organize my thoughts, teach people about technologies I love, and get my name out there. Since publishing my first blog post ever in 2014, I've ended up writing 68 posts so far here.

Den perfekten Blog Post gibt es nicht. Aber du kannst ihm nahe kommen. So baust du dir den idealen Artikel. Du brauchst 10 Punkte dafür This list of 50 travel blog post ideas will talk you through different article types and give you all the inspiration you need to make your blog a success Conference Blog Post Example: This How To Get Conference Results Without Physically Being There post not only summarizes a conference but also underscores how you can tap into the power of paying attention to conferences even if you don't attend them! 7. Take the less is more approach to highlight a few key points . Be editorial and select 3 to 5 core pieces of information that will interest. Sample blog post: Making international academic spaces international. 13. Nadine Muller. Nadine Muller is challenging ideas about what academics look like. This senior lecturer in English Literature & Cultural History at the Liverpool John Moores University uses her blog to share skills that are often taken for granted in academia. But it's her refreshingly honest documenting of experiences.

I hope that the above guide will help you in writing an effective meta description of your blog and blog post. The blog description examples given in this article will also help you in framing your own blog description. If you're looking to create your own blog, get started with GreenGeeks web hosting at just $2.95 per month. You can also refer to our step by step guide on how to start a blog. Here's a good example of a blog post series: How to Make a WordPress Plugin. 84. Publish a questions and answers blog post. Make a Questions Monday and Promise to answer all the questions your audience has. 85. Post a quote. People adore quotes that motivate them or make them think, so use them wisely. 86. Launch a free e-book about your best blog posts . Gather the most viewed and. Along with our first blog example, BestSelf does a great job casually sliding in product mentions without being too aggressive about it. In a post titled How to Focus On Yourself Without Being Selfish, their second-to-last tip introduces journaling, and gently mentions that the right journal can help, linking to one of their products. The rest of the section is all about how to use.

A great example of how to use video in blog posts is the Hubspot's Our Story video from their about page: You can also use a background video to add to the story your words are telling. Cultivated Wit is a media company that has done this particularly well, showing their sense of humor and dedication to tech through a series of short clips in the background The examples will give you some tips and tactics on what to keep in mind to get some major benefits in return for all your invested time and effort - and it is not all about getting organic traffic. 1. Buffer - Take your Business From Zero to 100k Customers . When the social media scheduling app Buffer was new to the market, Leo Widrich the co-founder wrote approximately 150 guest posts.

Here's an example of a post that offers a strong why and prompts you to get on it immediately: At a glance, you can see how Gregory Ciotti, a marketing expert writer at HelpScout, introduced his blog post. He even went further to give three quick questions. He's offering you reasons why you should read his blog entry, instead of a competitor's article. The why of any. Give your blog post a title. Write around 200 words. Example answer Sample task: Hobbies Writing: A blog comment on doing charity work You have read the following blog post by a person who is against doing charity work. You have decided to comment on this blog post. In your blog comment you should: • outline your opinion on the topi

SEO example 3: A new keyword-focused article. It's time for some good news. The page. Putting a little more effort into a social media post can get you a lot better results. After giving this advice in presentations, in the book and in person, we decide to write it up as a blog post: The Social Media Post Checklist. The pla A good example are those 'SEO is dead' type blog posts - they paint a bleak picture that just isn't true. So, the key is to ensure that you avoid making your readers think: 'wow, that's 5 or so minutes I'll never get back' - that only serves as a way of losing trust with your audience

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Their blog posts all use data to answer common questions - or at least as often, questions you didn't even know you had, but find yourself really interested in learning the answer to. A lot of the content on their own blog serves as an example of collaborations with their clients. By showing the ways their customers use data to create great content, they make a case for their products. The start of your blog post matters. But so does the end. In fact, without a powerful end to your post, all the work that you put into the title and paragraph one is wasted. Because the end of your post is what keeps your readers coming back for more. Here are seven powerful ways to end your post. 1. Sum up your key message. Sometimes, you need to hammer a point home. The final few lines of. For example, if you're promoting a new blog post, you may need to address your Facebook friends in a different way than your business contacts on LinkedIn. On Twitter, you're restricted to 140 characters, so you have to keep your message short and simple. On Pinterest, your image is the primary way to draw attention

So, for example, if you publish sponsored content on Instagram, you must use #ad within the image caption itself; it can't be buried in a sea of hashtags within a comment a user has to click to see. If you publish affiliate links within a blog post, it should be stated that you will earn a commission (at no cost to the reader) if they buy through your links, either next to the link itself. A blog post structure makes sure your content moves smoothly from point to point. It allows bloggers can create powerful content that: Is easy to consume — A well-structured blog post maximizes readability by organizing information in a logical way.It also utilizes smart formatting, which involves elements like headings, subheadings, bulleted lists, and paragraph breaks You've carved away time in your day to write a blog post. An hour passes and all you have to show is a few jumbled sentences. You convince yourself you just need an example or something to model your post after. That's all! You click over to for some inspiration and notice that in the past hour they've posted seven original blog posts

Example: Publishing a blog post or Finished a power yoga class. The number of tasks they need to do when they're done. Example: 12 Things You Need to Do After You Publish a Blog Post or 13 Important Steps After You've Finished Your Power Yoga Workout Things To Do After X Introduction. Your Things To Do After X intro contains four elements: A. Constantly thinking of new blog post topics can be a daunting task. That's why we have compiled a list of 103 original blog post ideas that you can write about today. Rather than putting together a list of generic blog post ideas, we felt it would be far more useful to share with you the process of brainstorming blog post ideas

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A blog post usually solves a problem (or it may answer a question or help achieve an aim). So, I try to picture my ideal reader struggling with that problem, and try to figure out what she's doing when she's wrestling with this problem and how it makes her feel. I often close my eyes as looking at my screen distracts me. Once, I have a picture in my mind and I know what's she thinking. This post follows this type of blog post template. The key to this template is information pacing. You want to get to the definition of the topic quickly, but not so quickly that the reader will quickly click away when they get their answer, and then draw the reader deeper into the content (and your calls to action) through the rest of the post Writing Your Introduction Blog Post. Starting a blog is not always the main thing; you also need to make sure you start right. If your first blog post contains all the elements I mention here, then you're off to a good start. Make sure they know that you are an open, honest, and passionate blogger In this post we'll look at a few aspects of blog posts and showcase some design elements that are used to make the post more helpful, inviting,... How to Start a Blog (with Example Blog Post) - wikiHo Examples of Engaging Twitter Posts. Twitter limits what your business can put out to your followers with its 140 character limit, but you can still provide links to your work, photos, and videos. Followers can engage with you on Twitter by retweeting, liking, commenting, direct messaging, or tagging your business. Core Power Yoga with Quotes and Questions. Resonating with your followers with.

Examples. 1. There is nothing worse than someone that picks good a domain on blogger.com and never posts, not even once. This really makes other bloggers mad when they can't get the domain they want because of some person that had no intent of even writing in his blog takes it. This is an example of a bad blog Blog posts, especially how-to articles, make great evergreen content that not only ranks quickly but can continue to rank well and pull in traffic for months and years to come. Here are just a few examples of keyword-targeted blog posts: Recipes: If you have a food blog, do a little research before titling and publishing your posts. People look. Here are 10 tips to help you end up with an awesome blog post! Writing tips for SEO-friendly blog posts. Above all, your blog post has to be a good piece of writing. When starting a new blog post, many bloggers just start writing, typing whatever comes into their heads. While this may work for some people who have natural writing talents. The benefit of this blog format is that readers appreciate the fact that they can refer to a single post as opposed to scouring the internet and wasting their time. Curated posts are perfectly suited to posts that aggregate content, such as statistics or industry examples, and also help to build trust with your readers by aligning yourself with popular industry thought-leaders on various topics

For example, if you are a jeweller, you could write a blog post on what to look for when buying a diamond. Google Adwords Keyword Tool is another great way of finding keyword phrases that people. In the spirit of saving the best for last, here's our last tip for writing a blog post that converts: add a clear call-to-action. Whether it's to ask your readers to leave a comment, share your blog post, follow you on social media, or purchase your product, make sure you clearly state what you'd like them to do For example, baking blog categories might be cakes, pies, cookies, and brownies. But you can tag posts in any of those categories with specific labels like Christmas, gluten-free, and so on, so readers can find all your Christmas or gluten free recipes in one tag search. Category and tag management menus in WordPress. Post Tags and Meta Descriptions Have Different Jobs. Meta keywords show up. Citing a Blog Post. However, if you are quoting or paraphrasing part of a blog post, you should create a reference to that specific post. The elements of the reference are as follows: who: This is usually one or two people but can also be a company name or other type of group author. In the first example below, the post was credited to just Freakonomics (a screen name for the author or.

Blog posts can contain content (obviously!), videos, images, bullet-points, different headings and so on. Blogs (and blog posts) can be shared on social networks (Twitter, FaceBook, Google+) and people can leave comments under the blog posts in order to start meaningful conversations. Blogs can have a LOT of visitors. When your blog has enough posts and it starts to become popular, you'll. Examples of Some Perfect Blog Posts. It wouldn't be right to finish this post without showing you some of the most perfect blog posts that I've seen out there in the wild. 164 Best Email Subject Lines to Boost Your Email Open Rates This post on OptinMonster is ultra-useful and comprehensive, and has great multimedia content as well. There's a video and original graphics to keep readers. What does blog mean? To blog is defined as to write on a website that comments on current events or a specific topic. (verb) An example of to.. You want to get that blog post written — you really do — but the words just aren't flowing. They're not even dripping. But I don't know what to saaaaaaay! you protest. Or, It won't be good enough! Or the ever-popular, But it's not original! So you sit there, your mind as frozen as the surface of an icy pond. You just know that whatever you manage to type is. Here are such blog description examples which help you to get an idea about how you can write an eye-catchy and attractive description. What a list! Check out some awesome blog description by Umer Qureshi. Click to Tweet. How To W rite Blog Post Description? Writing a blog post description is very easy and you can easily master it, How? You can use Rank Math Plugin to edit your blog post.

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  1. Here's another simple example from my own blog post, 7 New Social Media Management Tools to Try in 2016. If you've already tested out popular social media management tools, chances are you haven't even scratched the surface of what's out there. Perhaps consider the following social media management tools for your team in 2016. Examples. You've learned the six steps to this.
  2. Blog Post Citation Structure: Author, F.M. (Year, Month, Date of post). Title of blog post. Blog Name.URL. Note: If a full name is not given, use the author's screen name or handle instead
  3. Your blog post has to be high-quality (I can't say that enough), and the more unique it is, the better; and the more unique and actionable blog posts that you're able to create on a consistent basis, the more power your blog has to pull in traffic. This (hopefully) increases your search traffic, community engagement levels, and leads. Ranking in Google's top 10 almost certainly won't.
  4. It's easy to purchase blog posts today by visiting our product page! 7. Download an eBook . Call to actions promoting eBooks are a highly effective tool for generating leads, according to HubSpot's research. If you've published a whitepaper, eBook, webinar, or any other form of premium content, provide a link in your call-to-action to entice lead conversions. Example: Are you ready to.
  5. MLA Blog Post Citation Example: Cohen, Micah. Retirements Contributing to Largest Senate Turnover in Decades. Web blog post. FiveThirtyEight. The New York Times Company, 28 Mar. 2013. Web. 30 Mar. 2013
  6. An example of a Q&A blog post: Three Questions Every Blogger Who Wants To Make Money Online Should Ask Themselves; Use the 25 blog post ideas above to stand out from the crowd, get your blog noticed, and become an industry maven. Kim Roach is the official Marketing Lab Rat at Buzzblogger.com. P.S. Pat here! As Matt Gartland said in Here's a Sneak Peek Behind the Curtain of How Team SPI.
  7. Audrey the Reading Writer's Blog- check out her new book review page. Kayleigh's Blog- check out some of her posts about her point of view on life. Ahna's Blog- check out some of her blog posts and pictures. Virendra's Blog- take a look at the fun facts page he put together. Calamari's Writer's Notebook- read some of his blog posts. Sara's Blog- take the survey on her homepage

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For example, let's say you wrote a post on your blog called The 10 Best Compasses For Travel and in that post, you listed 10 of the coolest compasses on the market. In this case, it would be quite easy to create a separate post for each of these compasses. The post could be more in-depth on that particular compass and you could link the individual compass article back to the main. Once you've created a blog, you'll have a niche or a topic that you work in.Before beginning any post that you write, ask yourself how this piece is supposed to benefit your readers. How is writing about the current state of affairs in your refrigerator going to help people eat healthier for example For those of you who need the inspiration to create a popular personal blog sites for an interesting resume, the Quinton Harris website can be a Personal Blog Examples. The homepage of the website contains 11 important points in his life, from family, history of education, work experience, to skills possessed Some examples: 10. How to Cook Delicious Curry. A simple how to gets across the message, and uses an adjective to peak people's interest. However, it doesn't offer much else, let alone what kind of curry. 11. How to Cook the Best Damn Curry of Your Life. This example brings in that authority and bombastic tone. It even curses, which I don. 9 Beautiful Divi Blog Examples 1. Haris Cizmic. Haris Cizmic uses a full-screen image with a logo in an overlay in parallax. Scrolling reveals the blog... 2. Toula Boula. Toula Boula displays the posts horizontally in a single column layout with the image to one side and... 3. Road to Quiet. Road to.

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Example: Using Google i found a post titled Writing Blog Comments. This is the perfect post to comment on because its based on exactly the same topic as what i have written about. Conclusion. Leaving links in comments and spamming comments can get your domain blacklisted by Google not to mention blacklisted by blog owners as well When it comes to blogging, nearly all of us would like more:. more readers; more comments; more links; more traffic; For writers who are trying to build their audience online, it's essential to learn how to write great blog posts.However, even if you've been blogging for a long time, it's difficult to figure out what your audience really wants, especially in terms of blog length

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Content examples: Tip sheets, ebooks, gated blog posts, guides, squeeze pages. This type of content is ideal for lower top-of-funnel prospects because it doesn't require too much of a commitment. And we mean that in two ways: Tip sheets, ebooks, and blog posts aren't very dense, so they don't take long to get through. They contain actionable advice while keeping cognitive strain to a. What's the second most important part of your blog post after the title?. Master copywriter Eugene Schwartz often spent an entire week on the first 50 words of a sales piece — the headline and the opening paragraph.. Just imagine how disappointed you'd be after crafting a killer headline for your post, only to lose readers with an opening that failed to carry the momentum Blog Post is a simple Bootstrap starter template for creating blog posts within a Bootstrap built blog website. Features. Sidebar widgets that are easy to customize; Comments section ready to be integrated with a CMS of your choice; Includes a workflow environment built with npm, gulp.js, and browserSyn Example: What I Learned From Being a Broke, Unemployed Graduate; 9. The 'Let Me List Them Out For You' Headlines. For some reason, we like list posts. They appeal to a wide audience and inspire a lot of clicks compared to other types of articles. Which is why blogs like buzzfeed constantly use them. Example

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  1. d or about what the CEO wants to talk about. Then grabbing an average stock image, loading, and hitting.
  2. For example, the content might be a blog post, book, presentation, interview, or podcast episode. Embed Reactor Find an embeddable video (think Youtube), Slideshare presentation, or infographic that is going viral in your niche right now. Then, embed it in your blog post and post your reaction under it. It can help to use a title that is a.
  3. Guitar World's Using String Skipping to See Scales Differently blog post is a great example of how embedding relevant content can make the post more dynamic and valuable to your audience. The post discusses how string skipping can give you a different perspective on scales. The video embedded in the post demonstrates the effects of string skipping. Placing relevant videos in blog posts.

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Some examples. Okay, let's look at some examples of subheadings in blog posts. A simple structure. Here's a snippet from Charles Crawford's post, 7 Simple Ideas for Mailing List Opt-Ins. As you probably gathered from the title, he talks about seven ideas. And each one has its own subheading, which makes it easy for the reader to find a. Last Friday I set up a Google Form to collect examples of classroom and school blogs. This evening I put together a Google Slides presentation from those submissions. As of right now there are 75 submissions. In some cases there were duplicate submissions, a few spam submissions, and some submissions that were very similar to each (for example, I didn't include every blog that was only updated. Go through this list of blog post idea generation examples to spark new ideas for your blog. 1. Update and republish existing content. Take a page from Backlinko's Brian Dean who makes sure that every piece of his content is up-to-date before creating new content. Make sure that all your existing content is up-to-date before creating new content. @Backlinko #contentmarketing Click To Tweet. As an example, targeting a broad keyword like seo in a blog post makes less sense than getting more specific, like small business local seo. Think about voice search. As more people use Siri and Alexa, optimizing your content for voice search becomes more important. And since voice search is a newer development in SEO that not all businesses are thinking about, it's a good way to.

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For example, check out our blog post on how to start a blog. This definitive guide clocks in at around 6527 words! It has everything our readers need to start a blog and make money online. Now, imagine if it was only 800 words. With such a short post, a lot of valuable information would be missing. Longer blog posts also help you demonstrate authority in your niche. With long-form content like. Blog posts are a great way to highlight the success of your organization, build excitement around your campaigns, and provide a forum for continuous dialogue with your community. From a brand awareness perspective, quality content produced on a regular basis can also improve your overall search rankings. Two of the hardest parts of the blogging process are nailing down what you want to write. For example, if making a list on the Top 10 Best Blog Posts, linking back to each post within your post is sufficient for citing the source. This also provides the opportunity for the experts mentioned in the post to link to your blog post and expose you to their readers. Sources. How Not to Steal People's Content on the Web - blog.hubspot.co For example, my purpose for writing this blog post is to help developers convert their software projects into blog posts that will in turn help other developers. This purpose ties into one of my purposes at SendGrid as the Hacker in Residence, which is to improve and inspire developers' lives, both internally and externally 12 Examples of Travel Blogs Created with WordPress for Your Inspiration. Posted on June 15, 2017 by Megan Jones in Tips & Tricks | 19 comments. Travel blogging is a popular niche. If you are looking to create your own WordPress travel website, this can play to your favor, as there are so many travel blogs to gather inspiration from. In this article, we will look at a number of travel blogs (in.

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An evergreen blog post lasts for years. It's crazy to see the disparity between two pieces of content that we all create on a regular basis. It's a little reassuring, too, that some things we make online have a chance to endure. Having this long-lasting content on your blog and in your archives is a boon to traffic, social sharing, and more. Chances are good your site already has some. A great example of how to build your blog around a theme. that I will post on my blog at least 2x a week. But because I'm a multipotentialite (watch TED-ded to know what it means:) I have so many exciting projects that I end up forgetting to post something. Mom said I should read tips from other KID BLOGGERS. Have a great time everyday, EVERYONE! Reply. Ether says: May 5, 2016 at 6:16 am. In your first blog post, tell your readers who you are, what your blog is about and why you are blogging. Even a short introductory paragraph can be enough to give your readers an idea of what they can expect.. If you are planning to publish guest blogs or host different authors, you might want to mention that or even introduce them as well. Also, don't forget to include relevant keywords in.

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  1. Headers and sub-headers will break up long blog posts, help people scan your blog and convince them to read the post. You can read more about the importance of headlines and headers for blog writing. 4. Use Lists. Numbered lists or bullet-pointed lists help people scan blog posts quickly and find information they're looking for fast
  2. Blog idea #6: Quiz. Don't just write blog posts. Feature other, more interactive content formats as part of your career blog, too.A short quiz is a very simple yet fun and effective example of interactive content you can publish on your career blog.. Pro tip: This is a perfect lead generation opportunity, so make sure you make the most of it!. Real-life example
  3. The Advanced Guide to Content Marketing includes 12 different blog post templates to help you put together nearly any type of blog you can imagine. Sample blog posts in each format are provided for inspiration. 23. How to Write a Blog Post - From Start to Finish, as Shown on This Cut-Out-'N-Keep Blog Post Blueprin

A blog (a truncation of weblog) is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries (posts). Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page.Until 2009, blogs were usually the work of a single individual, [citation needed. The example shows a username. Provide the comment title or up to the first 20 words of the comment; then write Comment on the blog post and the full title of post on which the comment appeared (in quotation marks and sentence case, enclosed within square brackets). Link to the comment itself if possible. Otherwise, link to the blog post Fun Disclaimer Sample For Your Personal Blog This is a blog. That fact means nothing. It is not a peer-reviewed journal, a final archive of my writing, a sponsored publication, or the product of gatekeeping and editing. That does mean somethingit means that while the ideas and thoughts are often vital and the product of a long gestational period, the writing itself is not. It is essentially. Bonus: Download this whole list of blog post headline formulas as a swipe file here to use whenever you need them! Use these 5 free tools to brainstorm even more awesome headlines Headline formulas really do work, which is why there are plenty of helpful tools out there that will generate headlines and even analyze your own ideas

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